Old Town

This segment includes Central Avenue from the Rio Grande to the intersection with Lomas. The area is already experiencing many changes and these will only increase with the ART project. Changes coming to the area include a repair of the confusing Lomas & Central intersection, the renovation of the historic El Vado Motel, additional development in the Sawmill area, and more. In the greater Old Town area, there are many people moving into the Sawmill developments and the addition to the Hotel Albuquerque, which is under construction, will bring more visitors to the area.

Neighborhood associations in this area include:

  • West Old Town
  • Sawmill Area
  • West Park
  • Huning Castle
  • Historic Old Town Property Owners
  • Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • Wells Park

Albuquerque Rapid Transit stations in this area include:

  • New York Ave – Bio Park/Botanic Gardens
  • Rio Grande Blvd – Old Town
  • West Downtown – 15th Street

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