Greater Downtown

This area extends from 14th Street to I-25. It includes many distinct districts including East Downtown/Huning Highlands, the central business & convention district and the emerging West Downtown district, anchored by the recently completed Country Club Plaza development.

This area has changed quite a bit over the past decade and is likely the best example of what might be found along the rest of the Central corridor in the future. This includes mixed use developments (a mix of commercial and residential), an influx of locally owned coffee shops and breweries, a collection of co-working and entreprenurial spaces and other elements found in most economically and socially vibrant cities in the country.

Neighborhood associations in this area include:

  • West Old Town
  • Historic Old Town Property Owners
  • West Park
  • Huning Castle
  • Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • Raynolds Addition
  • Barelas
  • Broadway Central Corridor Partnership
  • Huning Highlands Historic District
  • Martineztown

Albuquerque Rapid Transit stations in this area include:

  • Downtown – 6th and Gold (eastbound) + 6th and Copper (westbound)
  • Alvarado Transit Center
  • Walter Street – East Downtown/Huning Highlands

To see these neighborhoods in context with all city neighborhoods, click here (3.8mb .pdf)