Community Fellows

Know a Neighborhood Expert?

A Natural Networker Who Cares About Strengthening their Community?

We’re Seeking Recommendations for Community Fellows from Neighborhoods Within ½ Mile of Central Ave

To recommend someone or to apply yourself, please share what you know about them using our online form, link below:

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People are experts in their own places

The Community Fellows program is an effort to identify people who are interested and willing (through the end of 2017) to bring their personal experience and expertise to city planning, development and community improvement efforts.

We’re seeking referrals of people who you think would want to learn more about how an improved transit system and changes to the City’s zoning code can have real impacts on the lives of Albuquerque residents—saving them money, increasing opportunities for them and making more places within walking distance of Central. These Community Fellows would serve as two-way information sources—between the city and their fellow residents, local businesses and civic organizations.

The time commitment would be approximately 10 hours per month, including evenings and an occasional Saturday. Recommendations will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the end of February.

This outreach effort is part of a federal planning grant (The Corridors Initiative) to develop strategies for making the most of investments in new transit opportunities and new development regulations along Albuquerque’s Central Avenue Corridor.