Taking Central Avenue from Good to Great

Albuquerque is currently experiencing two once in a lifetime changes: a revision of our citywide zoning code and a major transportation investment on our Main Street, Central Avenue.

What Does This Mean? 

Historic Central Avenue, Route 66, Downtown Albuquerque. Let us work together to bring back this vibrancy!

In other communities where these two changes have occurred at the same time, billions of dollars in community benefits have followed. Such boosts in investment could mean anything from long-planned-for redevelopment in communities along the corridor to measurable savings in household budgets for transportation.

Why Should I Care? 

It is up to us to identify and prioritize strategies to get where we want to go – not only in success measured in dollars, but also in ways that improve the quality of life of all citizens.

We are fortunate to have been awarded an $860,000 grant from the Federal Transit Administration to plan for how to leverage mass transit and land use policy to achieve our most ambitious goals. There will be lots of decisions to make about where and how we use all the tools at our disposal, including planning, design and economic development strategies. So let’s come together to test our best ideas against the potential for achieving the goals we all share – a healthier, more prosperous and a more opportunity-filled future for all of us.

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