West Central Area Draft Recommendations Ready for Review

Continuing with our roll-out of sections of the draft report on potential improvements along Albuquerque’s historic Central Avenue Corridor, today’s release is for the neighborhoods in the West Central area.

A few highlights:

Around the intersection of Coors and Central are many acres of vacant and under-utilized land. This land represents an opportunity to re-imagine the heart of West Central, providing a real community center west of the river.

  • Residents feel disillusioned by the suburban environment they live in as it does not fulfill their vision of cohesive neighborhoods.
  • Area residents aspire to have a sense of place, a strong center, and meaningful locations for community events.
  • Residents want to see the City active in West Central and its future.


The Atrisco station area has a strong cultural history, which lacks a space for expression and gathering. It serves as a gateway to the Rio Grande, with its trails and parks. The neighborhoods need a series of activity centers along Central in the form of plazas, integrating community-scaled businesses with places of cultural expression.

  • The residents desire meaningful engagement and investment from the City.
  • Smaller and less expensive commercial spaces are needed for local business incubation and entrepreneurship.
  • Community spaces are needed for gathering and celebrating special cultural occasions.


Download and review the draft:

West Central
Print (36mb .pdf in pages) | View (6mb .pdf in spreads)

We’ll soon post a list of public meetings along the Corridor for folks to discuss draft components important to them. Of course, the comment form here on the website is always ready for feedback.

You can see how we got to this point by checking out the summary of the March workshop in which we explored goals and strategies for Central Ave. improvements.

Remember, illustrations in all the documents are responses to priorities that arose from community discussions. They’re conversation aids, not depictions of already determined outcomes. Plenty of time left for more discussion.