From Planning to Implementation- Updates on the Greater Central Avenue Project

It’s been several months since you’ve heard from us. In the meantime, we’ve been busy, working with partners up and down the 12,000-acre Central corridor in the Heart of Albuquerque.

At the end of 2017, a draft plan for making Central Avenue greater was released on this website. Click here to see that draft plan for public improvements and policies.

Working With Partners

Since the draft plan was released in Fall 2017, planning grant work in the Central Corridor has continued with partners working on their own and on our shared work. Scroll down to give one of our partners, the University of New Mexico, feedback on a proposal for a place making project.

Place Based Action Forums

In early November, partners in the International District and the University Area hosted action forums, where they worked together to determine community priorities. Click here to review notes from those sessions. 

If you live, work, play or pray on the Central corridor, you’re interested in organizing or hosting a similar event and would like administrative and promotional support, send us an email:

A Citywide Summit

In late November, Urban ABQ hosted a gathering of over 150 people around a question: What are the Issues and Opportunities for Shaping the Future of Urban Albuquerque? The Greater Central Avenue project was one of many organizations who attended and invited others- a co-convener of the summit. Click here to review the notes from the summit on the Urban ABQ website. 

Since the summit, many groups have continued to work on their ideas, including (but not limited to) NM Carshare, Vision Zero ABQABQ’s Mass Transit System, Creative Placemaking and ABQ Public Banking. If you want to get involved with any of these groups, use the notes linked above to reach out to the topic organizer.

Partner Feature: University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning

More immediately, one of our partners, the University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning, has been hard at work developing short term, low cost, temporary projects that can be used to test ideas – otherwise known as Creative Placemaking. One of the proposals will be built in April.

By testing an idea first, proponents can gain real experience about what works (and doesn’t) in small ways, determine support for particular uses and ultimately shape evolution toward future permanent improvements.

Now, they need YOUR feedback on the proposals

and they need it no later than Tuesday, March 27th at midnight! 

Click here to provide feedback on the proposals

Michaele Pride and Catherine Harris, from the UNM School of Architecture and Planning, invite you to take the short survey linked above. The survey collects responses to let them know which of the three proposed projects you would support for their collaborative Architecture + Art & Ecology class in Creative Placemaking for Activism. This is part of the Central Corridor Neighborhood Study- click here to learn more about this initiative.  

The class has been meeting this semester, working with community members to develop proposals for a creative placemaking project to support beneficial development within the Central Corridor. The quick survey asks which proposal best fits your needs, wants, desires, and aesthetics for a creative placemaking project. The goal with these projects is to better involve you, members of the community, in decisions for improvements within Central Corridor neighborhoods.

From Planning to Implementation- What Is Next?

In the coming weeks we’ll share information on remaining planning efforts such as a focus group for an Anti Displacement Study, a Capital Absorption Workshop and more. Stay tuned!

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We look forward to continued work with all of you throughout this year and beyond.