Save the Dates: March 7-13, Central Avenue Workshop Week

We’re just under a month away from a workshop week to explore ideas for making the most of investments in new transit opportunities and new growth regulations along Albuquerque’s Central Avenue Corridor. Everyone’s invited to participate.

The week kicks off on the evening of Tuesday, March 7, with an opening presentation that will set the context for the next six days of collaborative work. Watch this space for a full schedule, but here’s a preview:

Throughout the week, there will be special topic meetings, work-in-progress reviews, and exercises to test alternative strategies for strengthening capacities of the communities along the corridor and for taking advantage of what could potentially amount to $2 billion of investment.

Since the Federal Transit Administration awarded the City an $860,000 planning grant last year, some 1,000 people have already taken part in discussions that have helped set the conversation for taking planning to the next level. Out of the March workshop will come consensus-driven recommendations for specific strategies that can be used anywhere along Central.

To get a feel for why this matters, check out this backgrounder.

Even if you can’t attend workshop sessions in person, you can follow progress here on the website. And you can offer comments and questions here.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Alan Osterholtz, whose work can be further explored on Flickr.