‘People Habitat’ and the Natural Environment Author Kaid Benfield Explains, Oct. 17

The elements of our built environment — our homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, cities and regions — must work in harmony with each other and with the natural environment in order to be sustainable. Today, that is often not the case, but it could be. 
At 6 p.m. on October 17 at the Hotel Andaluz (125 Second Street NW), longtime sustainability leader Kaid Benfield, author of People Habitat: 25 Ways To Think About Greener, Healthier Cities will share key thoughts about healthier communities, including: why Americans don’t walk much anymore; how communities need nature; why some “green” housing developments may not be as sustainable as we think; why historic buildings and neighborhoods matter; and why, ultimately, sustainability must come from the heart.

He’ll connect those thoughts to our explorations over the past year of how to make the most of planned improvements within Albuquerque’s 12,000-acre Central Corridor (everything within walking distance of Central Avenue).

Draft recommendations for the Corridor, growing out of a weeklong workshop in March, have been produced by PlaceMakers, where Mr. Benfield serves as senior counsel. You can see highlights of those drafts in the posts preceding this one. And you can download the drafts themselves here.
Mr. Benfield will help Albuquerque think even more creatively about making the necessary decisions to help realize our vision for the Central Corridor. Please join us on October 17.