Mid-Point Review Attracts a Crowd: Thanks for the feedback

Attendees at our Thursday night, March 9, show-and-tell session gave us plenty to chew on as we prepare for a wrap-up presentation on Monday, March 13, at 6 p.m. at the Kimo Theatre.

Please plan on joining us for that. You’ll see how we’ve responded to all the feedback, not only from our Thursday pin-up event, but to what we’ve gleaned from research and community conversations by our team and others over the last year.

Here’s how the Thursday night work-in-progress review at the Special Collections Library, Botts Hall, was organized:

For the first time in our weeklong workshop, we moved from talking about ideas with community members to testing preliminary designs of potential redevelopment strategies. Designers for five of the Central Avenue Corridor sections stood before their work and invited critiques from attendees. Team members specializing in economic impacts of land use decisions, in civil engineering, in transportation planning had their own displays and their own conversations.

What did we hear?

Lots of suggestions about ways to improve details in neighborhoods where the locals are experts. Applause for a wall of drawings produced in only two days. Some worries about how our work fits with ongoing planning efforts at the metro level (“Are we putting the cart before the horse”). And, understandably, given the complexity of so many layers of policy in transition, lingering suspicions about the politics of infrastructure investment and developer-driven projects (“Community development rather than real estate development.”).

Review all the comments, transcribed during the meeting, here, here and here.

So what happens now?

The consulting team is back in the design studio for almost three days, working over the weekend to include clarifications and corrections from the Thursday feedback and continue to push forward into approaches endorsed by community members. By Monday night, the designs will suggest viable paths towards a better connected, more opportunity-filled Corridor. And in the weeks after the final presentation, the team will produce a report and recommendations for public review.

If you need to catch up on the workshop’s background and the phases we’re moving through, go here. We’ve reported on each day’s events in the posts preceding this one. And if you want to send us comments or questions, click here.
Hope to see you Monday night at the Kimo Theater.