EDo Area Draft Recommendations Ready for Review

Continuing with our roll-out of sections of the draft report on potential improvements along Albuquerque’s historic Central Avenue Corridor, today’s release is for the neighborhoods in the EDo area.

A few highlights:

EDo is the new hub of innovation as well as the commercial heart of two historic neighborhoods. The neighborhoods have a stable urban character with a good mix of uses and housing types.

    • Build makerspaces along the tracks to support growing small businesses.
    • Implement shared parking across multiple sites and owners.
    • Implement the Downtown Walkability Study recommendations.
    • Improve pedestrian and bicycle connections between EDo and Downtown.
    • Assure the Walter Street station has a historically appropriate shade structure.
    • Assure the empty parcels at Walter develop to their highest use.


Download and review the draft:

Print (24mb .pdf in pages) | View (3mb .pdf in spreads)

We’ll soon post a list of public meetings along the Corridor for folks to discuss draft components important to them. Of course, the comment form here on the website is always ready for feedback.

You can see how we got to this point by checking out the summary of the March workshop in which we explored goals and strategies for Central Ave. improvements.

Remember, illustrations in all the documents are responses to priorities that arose from community discussions. They’re conversation aids, not depictions of already determined outcomes. Plenty of time left for more discussion.