Action Forums

Throughout this process of identifying how to make Central Avenue greater, we have held many Action Forums. These Action Forums are opportunities for the many different stakeholders along the Central corridor to create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions around the theme of “making greater Central Avenue greater”.

So far, we have had three corridor-wide rounds of Action Forums. Action Forums are a way to for us, as project staff, to better understand and learn what the priorities are for stakeholders along the corridor- and better integrate our work, and our recommendations, into existing projects and plans. Action Forums are also a way for stakeholders along the corridor to work together and figure out how best to move their ideas and projects forward on their own.

Below is information about all of our Actions Forums in chronological order:


Fall 2017 Action Forums

Summer 2017 Action Forums (led by UNM DPAC)

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February 2017 Action Forums

January 2017 Action Forum – Central Corridor Data Drop

Summer 2016 Action Forums


Do you want to host an Action Forum in your neighborhood along the Central corridor? Please email us for details –